Based on the principle of technological innovation and management innovation, we not only provide outstanding products, but also continuously offer supporting training services, so as to enable you to have a deeper understanding of our products. CYG SUNRI has provided user training since 2007, and a mature and complete user training system has been established. We provide classes covering knowledge of the entire power industry, and laboratories with various types of equipment of complete functions, and our star lecturers have rich experiences of engineering practice as well as a relaxed and humorous teaching style.

We provide more than 1000 hours training to nearly 10,000 users from the global power industry every year, including State Grid, South Grid, major power plants, new energy power stations, and overseas power companies, and have won consistent favor from our power users in various areas!

Fully Equipped
We are equipped with a number of training classrooms,we have an operational site of more than 200m2, equipped withline protection, busbar protection, main transformer protection, digital devices, SCADA monitoring system, and automation devices; we also have complete experimental instruments and operational tools, which can be used to provide multiple trainingsand arrange multiple contests simultaneously.
Professional Trainers
We have 5 lecturers with senior titles and more than 10 lecturers with intermediate titles, all of whom have rich engineering practice experiences and solid the oretical foundations of the power industry. Our classes combine teaching cases and theories, which have a serious and active atmosphere, so they are highly praised by students.

The contents of CYG SUNRI's user training courses cover all areas of electric power,including but not limited to di gitalization, protection, automation,

basic knowledge of electric power, competition design of various electric power companies and other high-quality courses. In the meantime, we can also development customized courses combining the actual requirements of users.

No.Course typeCourse No.Course name
1Basic knowledge of power system (SR01)SR0101Introduction of primary power system
2Basic knowledge of power system (SR01)SR0102Detailed description of secondary circuit in substation
3Basic knowledge of power system (SR01)SR0103Relay protection principle of power system
4Basic knowledge of power system (SR01)SR0104Comprehensive automation principle of power system
5SCADA monitoring system (SR02)SR0201Instruction of the structure of dispatching automation system
6SCADA monitoring system (SR02)SR0202Introduction of SCADA monitoring system in the UNIX/Windows operating system
7SCADA monitoring system (SR02)SR0203Relay protection principle of power system
8SCADA monitoring system (SR02)SR0204Knowledge of the functions of integrated anti-maloperation system
9Intelligent substation (SR03)SR0301Introduction of related devices of intelligent substation
10Intelligent substation (SR03)SR0302Introduction of related devices of intelligent substation
11Intelligent substation (SR03)SR0303Description of the ICD model file
12Intelligent substation (SR03)SR0304SCD configuration basis and method
13Intelligent substation (SR03)SR0305Functions of switch in intelligent substation
14Protection device (SR04)SR0401Protection principle and application of line protection
15Protection device (SR04)SR0402Protection principle and application of main transformer protection
16Protection device (SR04)SR0403Protection principle and application of busbar protection
17Protection device (SR04)SR0404Protection principle and application of low-voltage protection and contro unit
18Protection device (SR04)SR0405Protection principle and application of field protection