Empower Green Development with Science and Technology - The Comprehensive Energy Project in CYG Intelligent Industry Science Park Is Successfully Put into Operation!

On August 19, 2022, the comprehensive energy project in CYG Intelligent Industry Science Park invested and constructed by CYG Comprehensive Energy (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ("CYG Comprehensive Energy", formerly known as "Dongguan CYG SUNRI Comprehensive Energy Co., Ltd.") was successfully put into operation.

Located in Zhuhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the project integrates subsystems such as the PV, energy storage, charging piles, intelligent hydropower monitoring, production line energy consumption monitoring, intelligent lighting subsystems. It is a characteristic comprehensive smart energy project. According to the planning and calculation of the existing buildings in the park, the new trend of "zero-carbon" park construction, new technologies such as new energy, Internet of Things, cloud platform, intelligent monitoring and control of energy and load are applied to empower green development and construct a "green and low-carbon" industrial park with "high efficacy, high efficiency and high profits".

The installed PV capacity of the project is 423.2kW. The generated electricity is used by the park, and surplus electricity is output through the grid for sale. 920 high-efficiency 460W monocrystalline silicon PV modules are installed on the concrete roofs of production buildings B1 and B2 in the CYG Intelligent Industry Science Park. After grid-connected operation, the project will generate about 420,000kWh of clean and reliable high-quality PV "green electricity" every year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 275 tons every year. It not only brings energy-saving benefits to the park, but also provides an additional power consumption guarantee during "orderly power consumption".

The installed capacity of the energy storage system is 630kW/1.29MWh, and the prefabricated cabin is on the green belt next to office building B2. The cabin is 7800 (length) * 2438 (width) * 2896mm (height), and the overall design is compact. Furthermore, the cloud server deployment scheme is used for the comprehensive energy system platform PRS-3000G. All control strategies are directly controlled by the cloud servers. The operation and maintenance personnel can remotely give control commands to the energy storage system and adjust the charging and discharging strategies of the energy storage subsystem. Unattended operation can be realized, so labor costs can be greatly reduced.

Under normal circumstances, the energy storage system operates in the mode of "two charges and two discharges” to make energy-saving profits from intraday electricity price differences; When the park uses electricity in an orderly manner, the system adjusts the charging and discharging strategy through the cloud server. In addition, it automatically controls the power output of the energy storage subsystem according to the output of the BIPV system, giving priority to ensuring power supply to important loads and office areas in the park.

CYG Comprehensive Energy has been committed to providing energy end customers with safe, green and efficient comprehensive energy (with electricity power as the focus) and related value-added services. It enables customers to realize coordinated energy supply of energy systems in industrial parks, improve energy utilization efficiency and power supply reliability, achieve clean production, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and maximize their profits.