CYG Sunri Supports the Operation of China-Laos Railway Power Supply Project

News from On December 3, the "Lancang" EMU train slowly departed from Vientiane Railway Station, the capital of Laos, marking the operation of the whole line of China-Laos Railway. CYG Sunri participated in the power supply project of Laos section of the China-Laos Railway, which provided a solid power supply guarantee for its smooth operation. As a symbol of the friendship between China and Laos, the China-Laos Railway serves as an important carrier to promote the cooperation and development of "the Belt And road Initiative", and it is also the first international railway mainly invested and built by China based on China’s technical standards and equipment and directly connected with China's railway network.

As a supporting power supply project, the external power supply sub-project of Laos section of China-Laos Railway is the first BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) project of Laos, which include 20x 115 kV lines with a total length of 257 kilometers. In addition, 11x 115 kV substation bays will be built to connect 10 traction substations of the electrified railway to Laos National Grid, so as to provide power support for the commissioning and operation of China-Laos Railway. CYG Sunri provides the integrated automation system of three external power supply stations, and our PRS-753 device for high-voltage lines and PRS-7177 device for power quality on-line monitoring are adopted in the whole line.

Among them, the PRS-7000 integrated monitoring system independently developed by CYG Sunri is applied in Kasi Substation and Sensouk Substation, which can realize the basic requirements of digitalization of information, networking of communication platform and standardization of information sharing in the whole station. Through system integration and optimization, the unified access, unified storage and unified display of information in the whole station can be realized, and the functions of operation monitoring, operation & control, comprehensive information analysis & intelligent alarm, operation management and auxiliary application can also be realized.

▲CYG Sunri PRS-7000 Integrated Monitoring System

The PRS-7000 integrated monitoring system provides a development platform to meet various monitoring requirements of intelligent substations. The main modules of the platform include system data configuration (modeling) tool, database system that supports dynamic models, communication configuration tool, graphic configuration, communication protocol processing module, data bus module, system function redundancy control module, statistical computing, SCADA module, etc. These modules are designed across Unix/Linux/Windows operating system platforms.

The operation of the China-Laos Railway has fulfilled the Lao people’s dream of "converting itself from a landlocked country to a land-linked hub". It is also a remarkable and heavy stroke on the magnificent picture of the construction of China-Laos community of shared future and "the Belt and Road  Initiative". During more than 20 years of engagement in the industry, CYG Sunri has always responded positively to national construction. CYG Sunri has never been absent from benchmark projects and national key projects in the power industry such as the Three Gorges Hydro Project of the Yangtze River, the West-to-East Power Transmission Project, Sichuan-Tibet Grid Networking, Beijing Olympic Games and Beijing Winter Olympics. In the future, we will actively undertake more social responsibilities, continue to escort the safe and stable operation of the power system, and strive to write an intelligent and professional future for the industry!