CYG Sunri Overcomes the "Black Start" of Nanshan Thermal Power Plant to Support Emergency Power Supply

On July 15, 2021, CYG Sunri supported the one-time completion of the black start test of the Black Start Technical Transformation Project of 9E gas Turbine Unit in Nanshan Thermal Power Plant. This project adopts the technical route of "energy storage black start", "energy storage auxiliary frequency modulation" and "source-charge-storage integration", and is equipped with the 9MW/9MWh lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system. During normal operation, the energy storage system and the gas turbine unit will participate in AGC frequency modulation, which can realize quick response and provision of frequency modulation auxiliary services. In the extreme case of total failure of auxiliary power in power plant, the energy storage system can quickly restore the auxiliary power system through its self-contained electric system to realize black start, and provide emergency power supply guarantee for rapid power recovery of power grid.

The black-start energy storage system of Shenzhen Nanshan Thermal Power Plant has successfully applied the integrated solution of CYG Sunri’s energy management and monitoring system, and integrated PRS-3000 energy storage monitoring and energy management system, phasor measuring unit (PMU), synchronizing device and network security equipment, which can effectively ensure the rapid recovery of power supply in the power grid.

After passing the test, Nanshan Power Plant has become one of the black-start power supply points of Shenzhen Power Grid, providing the first black-start power supply in the core load area of western Shenzhen, and adding a solid barrier to promote the construction of  Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Zone. Relevant leaders of Shenzhen Industry & Information Technology Bureau, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureauand ShanghaiPower Equipment Research Institute witnessed the black start test process. SZTV, China News Service and other media reported on the black start test.

Having been deeply involved in the power industry for 27 years, CYG Sunri has excellent energy storage core equipment and system integration capability. The independently-developed energy storage core self-produced equipment includes PRS-3000 energy storage monitoring and energy management system, PRS-3201B energy storage coordination controller, PRS-7563 energy storage converters, PRS-7550 energy storage battery management system, etc. Among them, PRS-3000 energy storage monitoring and energy management system supports domestic operating system and commercial database, and the self-developed real-time database can support panoramic acquisition and control of GW and 100 MW energy storage power stations. With rich built-in communication protocols, strong interoperability and convenient extensibility, it can realize the plug and play. In addition, it also has excellent power control speed and accuracy, and such functions as diagnosis, early warning and panoramic analysis effectively ensure the service life and safety of high-value assets of energy storage stations.

▲Functions of CYG Sunri PRS-3000 Energy Storage Monitoring and Energy Management System

The "black start" is like the "lighter" of the power grid, which provides a solid guarantee for restoring more power generation capacity. In addition, CYG Sunri assisted the test of 2.5 MW/2.5MWh black-start energy storage system in Guangzhou GCL Blue Sky Gas Thermal Power Plant in December last year. In the case of power outage of the whole plant, CYG Sunri 2.5 MW energy storage system successfully drove 2x196MW 9E gas turbines to start the gas unit and had the black-start capability to assist the power grid recovery, effectively ensuring the safety of the power system.

Up to now, CYG Sunri has served 91 energy storage power stations with a service scale of 591.1MW/1156.976MWh, and 75 power stations have been successfully put into operation with a service scale of 321.7625MW/579.4585MWh. In the future, CYG Sunri will continue to develop in the field of energy storage, give full play to our advantages in technology, quality, service and management, and strive to create and extend value for customers, thus helping China's energy storage industry to innovate and develop rapidly!