CYG Sunri Provides Reliable Power Supply for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Recently, CCTV reported that theconstruction of Beijing and Yanqing competition areas of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympicswas fully completed. CYG Sunri participated in the power transmission and transformation project of the Capital Indoor Stadium 110kV substation, providing a solid power supply guarantee for the Winter Olympics. It was reported that the power transmission and transformation project of the Capital Indoor Stadium 110kV substation is the "final engineering" in the supporting power grid project of Beijing Winter Olympics, which can guarantee 100% green power supply of Olympic venues and supporting facilities.

In addition, CYG Sunri also participated in the demonstration project of 10kV generation, charging, storage and discharging station in Yanqing competition area of the Winter Olympics, giving full play to the advantages of CYG Sunri’s overall microgrid solution, realizing millisecond communication between converter equipment and background monitoring equipment, and effectively improving the reliability of system power supply.

▲ 10kV Charging-Storage-Discharging Station Demonstration Project of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

With 27 years of technological experience in power grid, CYG Sunri has made important contributions to national key projects for many times, and has undertaken the power supply tasks of key projects such as 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo and Asian Games, 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit and 2017 "19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China".

In the future, CYG Sunri will actively undertake more social responsibilities, escort the safe and stable operation of the power system, and write more wonderful chapters with the motherland!