Good News! CYG SUNRI Wins the Award for

From September 5 to September 7, 2022, the 6th China (Nanjing) International EV Charging Technology Expo was held in Nanjing. It was jointly hosted by State Grid Smart IoV Technology Co., Ltd., the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Association of Beijing New Energy Automotives, and CYG SUNRI was invited to participate in the expo with its EV charging products and solutions. During the period of the expo, the "Award Ceremony of 2022 Electric Ecosystem Cup" was held, and CYG SUNRI won the award for "Top 10 Innovative Brands in China's Charging Facilities Industry in 2022".

In the crowded exhibition hall, the liquid-cooled high-power DC chargers, 120kW integrated DC chargers, 160kW integrated DC chargers and solutions of CYG SUNRI attracted the attention of many leaders and experts.

In recent years, the iteration of EV charging technology has been accelerated. The energy density, total capacity and cruising range of batteries are greatly improved. Charging rate has become a short board in the “bucket effect". With the increase in battery capacity, the disadvantage of the "short board" will become increasingly prominent. The rapid development of the industry generates more and more demands for high-power charging technology, which has become a new technical point in fast charging scenarios.

CYG SUNRI has been deeply involved in the charging industry for many years. As a leader of technological development in the industry, the company has launched high-power DC chargers for fast charging scenarios. Liquid-cooled/air-cooled rectifier cabinets can be selected for the chargers. The liquid-cooled charging terminals support national standard/European standard interfaces, and the software and hardware of the products are fully compatible with ChaoJi charging system. The high-power charging products are characterized by safety, highly compatible interfaces, software with a high fault tolerance rate, remarkable cost performance, and leading system scheme, and they are cutting-edge and promising products.

The power of CYG SUNRI high-power charging products ranges from 360kW to 800kW, and up to 6 liquid-cooled terminals or 12 ordinary terminals can be connected, so as to meet the requirement of a 5min charge for 200km of EV range.

The product advantages are as follows:

● High power density and small footprint

● Full liquid-cooled system with noise of ≤ 60dB

● Power allocation based on intelligent algorithm, which brings a high power utilization rate and high efficiency

● Combined cabinets, which can be easily expanded

● Software and hardware fully compatible with national standard interfaces, European standard interfaces, and ChaoJi interfaces

In the future, CYG SUNRI will continue improving the R&D of charging technology, give full play to its advantages of independent innovation, constantly launch new products and solutions to solve pain points of the industry, and actively contribute to the development of the EV charging industry and the realization of the national new energy development strategies!