CYG SUNRI Wins the Awards for "Influential PV & ES Integration Solution Provider” and “Influential Characteristic PV Application Project Constructor"

On September 23, the 2022 PV New Era Forum with the theme of “Creating a Zero-carbon Future with PV Technologies" and the 11th “BJX Cup” PV Influential Brand Award Ceremony came to a successful conclusion in Nanjing, Jiangsu. More than 100 guests gathered together for the grand event, including authoritative experts of the PV industry and outstanding enterprises along the PV industry chain. CYG SUNRI was invited to attend the event, and won two awards again: "Influential PV & ES Integration Solution Provider" and "Influential Characteristic PV Application Project Constructor".

About the characteristic PV application project

The construction of the comprehensive smart energy project of Guyang Hotel in Huainan, Anhui was started in September 2021 and completed in November 2021. This comprehensive smart energy project provides a comprehensive energy integration solution for the hotel. After the completion of the project, various kinds of natural energy such as solar energy and wind energy can be fully utilized to meet part of the hotel’s energy demand. The project embodies the smart concept of interaction between supply and demand, dynamic balance, cleanliness and low carbon, safety and high efficiency:

►A 180kWp PV system and 6 small wind turbines are installed on unused roofs and carports of the hotel to fully use solar energy and wind energy for power generation

►An electric energy storage system comprising a battery cabinet, a control cabinet, a PCS and a BMS system is built for energy storage during valley hours and discharge during peak hours. In extreme cases, the system can be used as UPS backup power supply to provide guarantee for electricity use safety of the hotel.

►2 smart street lamps, 6 charging piles and other equipment and facilities are provided to make the hotel more modern and intelligent.

►Advanced energy-saving optimization and control strategies are applied to rationally allocate energy to each system, realize dynamic adjustment of the PV, wind power and energy storage systems to reflect their economic value.

►With the support of big data, Internet of Things, mobile Internet and other technologies, an open comprehensive smart energy management system is built. With the help of cloud data center for analysis and calculation, the functions such as energy overview and visual display, load forecasting, energy consumption analysis and management, and optimal scheduling can be realized.

Since the completion of the project, the external electricity and energy consumption of Guyang Hotel has been effectively reduced. This project is active response to China’s “30·60” goal (China is committed to hit peak emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060). It not only improves profits, but also constantly creates value of green energy.