Centralized PV Power Station Solution
CYG SUNRI provides centralized PV power plant solution, including remote central control,integrated substation automation system, power forecasting, power control,CCTV and micro-computer inter-locking systemin case of mal-operation. The provided system equipment complies with the power grid connection specification for PV power stations. Moreover, advanced technical measures are provided to ensure the safe and stable operation of PV powerstation and carry out organization, coordination and operation management activities in a scientific and efficient way, which can help improve the work efficiency of operators, ensure the reliable operation of PV power station, and improve the safety management and economic benefits of PV power station.
This solution is applicable for various scenarios, such as PV area monitoring, relay protection and monitoring of step-up substation, grid-connected monitoring of new energy station, remote data and operation & maintenance center.

(1) This is a one-stop overall solution covering the links of station, central control and grid connection;

(2) The system has fully considered the randomness and instability of PV power generation, and grid connection is safer;


(3)"Unattended" station is achieved, and the ability to handle accidents and the reliability of operation is improved;

(4)The system has flexible configuration, the entire PV power station adopts uniform data collection, processing and interfaces, and various subsystems are integrated seamlessly;


(5) It can provide power curve analysis, downtime analysis, power generation loss analysis,as well as horizontal and vertical comparison of various signals;

(6) It can provide overall power prediction, power control and machine-grid coordination of the PV power station, and ensure the grid friendliness of PV power station.

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