Comprehensive Online Monitoring Solution For Power Cable And Channel

With increasing investment in power cable infrastructure in China, the scale of power cables and cable channels has also continuously grown. In recent years,there have been frequent domestic accidents related to cables and cable channels, resulting in the loss of people's lives and public property. Establishment of a comprehensive online monitoring system of power cables and channels can effectively prevent such accidents, which can avoid losses caused by large-scale disasters and reduce the inspection difficulty of staff. This system can monitor the operating conditions of power cables and channels in real time, detect and deal with the hidden dangers of cable operation, and improve the safety and reliability of power supply.

It is applicable to online monitoring of power cables and cable channels such as cable duct and cable tunnel.

By employing modern high-tech electronic technology, edge computing technology, micro-power sensor technology and computer network technology,the comprehensive online monitoring systemof power cables and channels converts the traditional manual inspection method to computer-based automatic intelligent monitoring, so as to carry out management, coordination and monitoring of various IoT(Internet of Things)sensors and node devices.


The power cable online monitoring systemhasfully integrated specialized data from multi-source system of transportation inspection, which canrealize in-depth perception, risk warning, intelligent association and panoramic display of cable equipment state and channel environment. As a result,the timeliness, initiative and accuracy of high-voltage cable state perception can be effectively improved, which canensure the timely detection and disposal of defects and hidden dangers.

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