Overall Solution Of Wind Power Plant

According to the requirements forwind power generation,CYG SUNRI provides solutions such as remote centralized control, integrated automation of substation, power forecasting, power control, video monitoring, and microcomputer inter-locking systemin case of mal-operation,to ensure smooth grid connection of windpower plant,improve safety management and economic benefits of windpower plant, and reduce the construction and investment risks.

(1) Land centralized wind power generation solution: It can meet the comprehensive monitoring, grid connection and dispatching requirements of windpower plants, and provide comprehensive real-time monitoring of wind turbines, anemometer tower, box transformer,step-up substation, and environmental monitoring system.

(2) Land distributed wind power generation solution: It has achieved the core objective of "unattended, attended with fewer persons and regional maintenance" of substations and plants, a visual monitoring platform withdual structure of C/S and B/S is provided, and centralized monitoring and management of multiple unattended stations is implemented.

(3) Offshore wind power generation solution:The system can provide remote monitoring and control of the equipment in the land metering station and the offshore step-up substation, and achieve various closed-loop control functions according to the requirements of the power grid operation mode.

CYG SUNRI provides secondary system overall solutions, including land centralized wind power generation, land distributed wind power generation and offshore wind power generation.

(1) We provide one-stop automatic solution covering the links of station, central control and grid connection of wind power plant, and our products are advanced, stable and reliable, which can help users save both time and energy;


(2) "Unattended" station isrealized, the system can achieve remote visual operation, comprehensive video information can be provided from multiple perspectives, and the ability to handle accidents and the reliability of operation is improved;


(3) This solution enables the enterprise to realize panoramic operation monitoring, comprehensive statistical analysis, intelligent fault diagnosis, and scientific production management, and in the meantime, it can also meet the requirement of power supply dispatching center operation evaluation and management assessment of power substations;


(4) This solution supports advanced data mining and analysis functions of draught fan information, and realizes wind speed statistics and trend analysis, power curve analysis, downtime analysis, power generation loss analysis,as well as horizontal and vertical comparison of various extensions, windpower plants, and various signals.


(5) The system has flexible configuration, the entire wind power plant adopts uniform data collection, processing and interfaces, and various subsystems are integrated seamlessly. This can improve the work efficiency of operators, and promote the corporate management level.

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